Charlie Megira – Love Police | תקליט שחור כפול


מספר תקליטים באלבום: 2


שנת יציאה: 2023


1: The Return of the Russian Frogmen That Died and Came Back to Life As Strange Looking Radioactive Creatures
2. Sababa One
3. Rhythm of Hate
4. At the Elvis Inn
5. No Wave Exercise
6. Existence
7. The Wall of Death
8. U.S.F
9. Now I Wanna Drown in Your Dark Dreamy Eyes
10. Boo
11. Beach Bums Must Die
12. The Strange and Bizarre Tale of the Boy Who Had One Testicle Too Many
13. 333
14. (Used to Be…) Psychic Youth
15. Elvis Is Not Dead
16. Smack Dab LP2: Beneath the Underground
17. The Valley of Tears
18. Mao/Mao
19. Here Comes Your Mama
20. Ode to a Cocksucker
21. Homeless Body
22. ?Sababa
23. Freak Junior
24. Psychic Youth-2
25. Another No Wave Exercise
26. Street Machine
27. Da Homogreaser Stomp
28. All Tuned Up and Ready to Go
29. Je Ne Parle Pas Francais
30. Dead Girl Blues

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